Company History

Our story begins with Kelley’s Transmission Specialists of Redmond, Washington. After 25 years of successful business, Kelley’s became Cleveland Street Automotive. At this time the scope of service broadened to include general automotive repair for all makes and models of cars, trucks and service vehicles.

As our community grew exponentially in recent years, the infrastructure of Redmond began changing more towards residential than commercial, so a move was in order. Upon securing a lease in the Totem Lake area the move was made in May of 2006. For obvious reasons, no longer residing on Cleveland Street, it was necessary to make a name change. After much market research, and surveying of our customers, we decided the most appropriate name would be Dino’s Auto Care Company. After all, Dino is the owner operator of the company, so it seemed to fit.

To this day we still keep and use the Kelley’s name as we continue to maintain the ethics and values Kelley’s provided this community for all these years.